ER Wait Times
Average wait time to see a physician or advance practitioner in accordance with symptom severity.

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Go to urgent care for...

Wounds, lacerations, minor burns
Sprains, fractures, dislocations
Insect bites, allergic reactions
Abscess, boils
Dehydration, nausea, diarrhea
Upper respiratory infections
Fever, cough, cold, flu
Migraines, headaches
Bronchitis, asthma attacks
Ear infections, earaches
Corneal abrasions, Pink Eye
Urinary tract infections

Go to the ER for...

Loss of Consciousness
Fainting, Sudden Dizziness or Weakness
Changes in Vision
Trouble Walking
Severe Shortness of Breath
Severe and Sudden Onset of Pain
Coughing Up or Vomiting Blood
Head Injury
Major Bone Break
Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings
Chest Pain

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Advances in Health

Early detection is key when it comes to pancreatic cancer

Bret Schipper, MD, talks about the advanced screening techniques being used to catch pancreatic cancer sooner.

New alternative to spinal fusion

James Yue, MD, Spinal Surgeon, explains how a new alternative is available to patients who are considering spinal fusion. Prosthetic disc replacement is helping people with low back pain feel better.


Is Your Local Retailer Following State’s ‘Essential Safe Store Rules’?

Here are the state’s “Essential Safe Store Rules” that became effective April 3. Make sure your local stores are following them. For tips on how to avoid COVID-19 at the supermarket, click here. Should you be eating fresh fruit and vegetables? Click here for more information. Occupancy, Store Layout, Managing [...]

Backus Hospital OR Staff Pitches In by Fabricating PPE Supplies

It’s been a little quieter than usual the past several weeks on the surgical services unit at Backus Hospital — but if you listen carefully, you can hear the hum of sewing machines and occasional fits of laughter. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of our hospitals and while [...]

9 Ways You Can Boost Your Immune System During COVID-19

By Sharon Knight Transplant Dietitian Hartford Hospital Transplant Program Here are some great eating tips to help you maintain your health and to get you through this stressful time: Eat whole foods: A Nutrient-Dense Diet Our immune system relies on nutrient-dense whole foods to function well. Death from infections is often [...]

Worrying Your Way Through COVID-19? Here’s How to Quiet Your Mind

Your mind races from one thought to the next on a seemingly endless loop of mostly frightening possibilities and crippling ideations as the COVID-19 pandemic heightens all your fears and anxieties. While it’s not unusual to have such thoughts at times of such unprecedented upheaval and uncertainty, for your emotional [...]

How Heart Patients Can Maintain Vascular Health During the COVID-19 Crisis

By Dr. Mouhanad Ayach and Dr. Ali Irshad Hartford Medical Group Due to the COVID-19 crisis, most non-emergency doctor visits are on standby. If you can’t go to the doctor, that doesn’t mean you need to put off your health needs. Patients with vascular conditions, which affect the veins and [...]

What Does COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Mean for Parkinson’s Patients?

Social distancing and isolation required during the COVID-19 pandemic causes more than just depression in people with Parkinson’s disease. It can actually worsen symptoms. According to Dr. Elena Bortan, a movement disorders neurologist with the Chase Family Movement Disorders Center, part of the Hartford Healthcare Ayer Neuroscience Institute, said being confined [...]


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Thank you for your interest in Surgical Weight Loss Online Education. Our online education does not occur on a set date and time. After you [...]

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